“Panic to Powerful™” 6 Week Series

The Panic to Powerful™ six week series will explore the tools of S.L.A.M.S. and help you discover your personal power while traveling your cancer journey. Participants will complete this series with a strong set of tools and concepts for moving from Panic to Powerful™ including creating a vivid personal vision of where they are heading.

Each two hour session will teach one tool from the S.L.A.M.S. program and how to implement that in your daily life.

You may be asking yourself, do I have too many things swirling around in your mind, like doctor appointments, research on new treatments, drug side effects? The list can be endless.

Do you have an abundance of unanswered questions?   How do I tell people I’m sick?  What do I do about work?  Who’s going to look after my family?

When we don’t know what to do next because we’re overwhelmed, afraid, depressed, furious or terrified, we become paralyzed by fear.   When we’re paralyzed by panic and thinking irrationally, it is helpful to have tools that keep us grounded and on track. The S.L.A.M.S. technique will help you through your Cancer Journey and guide you away from Panic and move you toward your Power.


S – STOPPING What’s the Panic?

L – LOCATE where you are

A – ACTIVATE who you are

M – MAKE it Real

S – SELECT Choose Powerfully

By following the S.L.A.M.S. technique, you’ll regain your sense of control and positive outlook.   This program will put you on the path to Power and guide you away from the Panic that often accompanies the Cancer journey. With S.L.A.M.S., you’re on your way, you’re not alone and your destination is Power.

Monthly Teleseminar

The monthly teleseminar workshops provide new topics and discussions that relate to what a cancer patient, survivor or caregiver may be going through during their cancer journey.  The participants will explore how these topics and concepts can relate and apply to their own lives and their Cancer Journey.  These teleseminars will provide new tools that can be used immediately.

Topics that may be discussed:

  • The Cancer Journey Roadmap
  • Becoming a Cancer Coach
  • Fears and the Shadow of Cancer
  • Now What?
  • Whole Person Healing
  • Feeling Confident about Me and My Future
  • Activating my Cancer Vision
  • Gaining Control During an Unpredictable Time
  • How to Get Out of The Pit
  • Stepping Into Gratitude