Our Programs

The Cancer Journey offers specialized programs which focus on the unique needs and nuances of a cancer patient, survivor, and caregiver. These programs provide learning and sharing environments. Each program will introduce new tools and concepts that will help the participants travel their journey. They will gain a new or renewed sense of empowerment and clarity while learning to integrate the new tool or concept into their daily life.


We offer two options for individual coaching.  A 3- 6 month coaching program called “Cancer Journey Coaching” or individual pay-as-you-go “Urgent Cancer Coaching.” These coaching options are conducted over the phone. In person sessions are only available if we have a Certified Cancer Coach in your area.


Group coaching is similar to the Cancer Journey Coaching Program but with the elements of discovery and processing happening within a very small, intimate group setting. This intimate group of 3 allows each individual to have their 20 minutes of personal attention while also gaining and witnessing the insight and processing from the others in the group. This group experience is powerful, illuminating, and bonding.


6 week Series (in person)The Panic to Powerful™ six week series will explore the tools of S.L.A.M.S. and help you discover your personal power. Participants will complete this series with a strong set of tools and concepts for moving from a state of Panic to a place of Power including creating a vivid personal vision of where they are heading.

Monthly Teleseminar The no-fee monthly teleseminar workshops provide new topics and discussions that relate to what a cancer patient, survivor or caregiver may be going through during their cancer journey.  The participants will explore how these topics and concepts can relate and apply to their own lives and their Cancer Journey.  They will leave with new tools that can be used immediately.

Certified Cancer Coach Training

This training is a 14-week intensive and experiential program that consists of two in-person weekend trainings with 12 weekly teleconference calls.  Participants will be trained on The Cancer Journey’s Panic to Powerful™ signature program, which includes The S.L.A.M.S. techniques and The Cancer Journey Roadmap.  For non-trained coach and psychosocial professionals, a pre-requisite of our “Basic Coaching Skills” training is required.