Group Coaching

Group coaching is similar to the Individual Cancer Coaching Program with the elements of discovery and processing within a very small, intimate group setting. This intimate group of 3 allows each individual to have their 20 minutes of personal attention while also gaining and witnessing the insight and processing from the others in the group. This group experience is powerful, illuminating, and bonding.

This approach to Cancer Coaching also provides the following benefits:

  • A feeling of community
  • A feeling of connectedness and shared experiences
  • A cost-effective alternative to Individual Coaching
  • A knowing that you are not alone in your situation

How it works:

  • A group of 3 can be created by the participants or by The Cancer Journey
  • A group can consist of cancer patients, survivors, or caregivers or a combination thereof. We can also create a small group of the cancer patient and their caregivers/family members.
  • The group will meet over the phone 3 times a month. Date and time to be determined by all parties.
  • The order of the coaching will shift each week with each individual being in the “first to be coached” position once a month.
  • Connection and conversations between the group participants between the coaching sessions are encouraged and supported.