The Fifty Shades of Gray of Cancer Treatment

by Keri Lehmann

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, he was clear. In order to avoid surgery, he was “going to go the natural alternative route.” For us, the natural route involved him temporarily moving from Northern to Southern California, 382 miles away, while I stayed home to work and raise our then 2-year old son. I’ll never forget the day, one day after his diagnosis, he packed everything he could fit into his Honda hatchback and drove away. My knees buckled. How would I do it without him? Continue reading

Strength for the Journey: Inspiration

by Teri McClanahan

I remember the first time I attended church during my chemo treatment receiving compliments from friends on how great I looked, how I radiated! Of course, I glowed, I had chemicals racing through my veins killing everything in its way. Continue reading