CCCT Referral Program

Your positive referrals to The Cancer Journey’s Certified Cancer Coach Training Program can earn you “thank you” revenue.

How it works:

  • Contact us by email at or call us at 650-355-5562.
  • When your referral becomes a paid trainee, you will receive a confirmation email and a “Thank You” payment of $300.  There are no limits to the number of referrals you can make.
  • Payments will be paid out the first of each month, via check. You will be notified by email when a referral payment is being sent.

CCCT Referrals 

“Who is eligible to become a referral partner?”

You may become a referral partner as long as you use ethical practices while promoting our Certified Cancer Coach Training Program (no spamming! – sending emails to people who do not want to receive them; or advertising The Cancer Journey on websites with offensive content).

“What if I have questions?”

Please contact The Cancer Journey trusted team or call 650-355-5562 for questions or assistance. We will look forward to helping you!

By signing up as an affiliate with THE CANCER JOURNEY, you agree to the following Terms of Service.