Your Team

We are a team of cancer survivors, caregivers, and trained certified Cancer Coaches passionate about the well-being of cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. We have traveled our own Cancer Journey and understand first-hand, the challenges and opportunities of living with and beyond cancer. It takes attention to focus on all parts of you (mind, body, spirit) to truly heal from cancer. It is our belief that this is a time NOT to walk alone and to have as much support as possible.

Shariann Tom, Founder & President
CPCC and Master Cancer Coach
5 time cancer survivor (Lymphoma & GIST)

The Cancer Journey blends two turning points for founder Shariann: surviving four bouts of lymphoma, one bout with a GIST, and making life coaching her profession. The profound contrast between facing cancer without a coach and a cancer journey with a coach inspired Shariann to start a movement dedicated to cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors. “I was in a state of panic and coaching allowed me to feel I had power.” Read More

Keri Lehmann, Director of Program Development
CPCC & Master Cancer Coach

Keri believes that love is the greatest healing elixir. “When someone learns to love themself, quantum healing is possible,” says Keri. “That’s why coaching is so powerful.” As a coach and coach trainer, she gets to be both a teacher and a healer, something she feels is part of her destiny. Over the course of 20 years, Keri has loved a lot of clients. Read More

Donna Bell
CPCC; Certified Cancer Journey Coach; Breast Cancer Thriver

If you met me, you would find a big smile and a spark of energy. I live life to the fullest and treasure everything I have, especially my health. This has moved to the top of my priority list in terms of what is most important to me – breast cancer changed this. Read More

Anna Borzeszkowska
CPCC; Certified Cancer Journey Coach; Certified Mindfulness MBSR Teacher; Caregiver

I wanted to be a doctor, but I became a lawyer. I’ve been working for big corporations for 22+ years. During that time I’ve held various positions, starting in finance and moving to Human Resources.
Read More

Mary Jane Heppe ~ The Poet
Certified Cancer Journey Coach

Mary Jane Heppe was born into a musical family: her dad a composer and conductor, her mom a singer. Both were entertainers and world ambassadors. Mary Jane spent the first 12 years of her life in the Far East before returning to the U.S. with her family. After high school, she attended college part-time while working for the U.S. Congress. Read More

Donell Hill (“Donnie”)
Certified Cancer Journey Coach

Donnie believes that people are here on this Earth to thrive and live the best life possible, but sometimes difficult life situations — such as cancer — make that hard to do. He learned first-hand when his nonsmoker mom was diagnosed with Stage 1B Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in 2012. Now, he is changing the lives of people who have been touched by cancer. Read More

Julie Johns
Certified Cancer Journey Coach; ACC; CHES

Julie Johns is a spiritual seeker and nature lover whose discipline is often challenged by an urge for dark chocolate. Besides that, she loves to use coaching for herself and others in the search for meaning and peace. Julie, who has been coaching for 10 years, especially likes to coach those with cancer or other serious medical conditions, such as autoimmune disease. Read More

Melanie McCloskey
CPC; Certified Cancer Journey Coach

I’m driven to align trailblazers with their natural power and grace to go bigger. It thrills me to support people to succeed from where they are, with the amazingness of who they are, having a big ole ripple effect on the world. A Certified Professional Coach for 6 years, I’ve expanded my passion for working with individuals and groups as a life and solo-entrepreneur coach to also coaching those touched by the challenge of cancer. Read More

Laura Sweet
Certified Cancer Journey Coach; Student of the Dying (with a passion for ensuring dignity at the end-of-life); former Hospice Volunteer; Host – “Death over Dinner;” Endometriosis Sufferer/Advocate; Sepsis Survivor; Writer; Aunt.

“What you resist most is what will set you free.” I once feared losing my mom to cancer after it nearly claimed her life while I was in graduate school in Boston. Fast forward 20 years to a time when I trained as a hospice volunteer in the SF Bay Area in 2010. In retrospect, I recognize that was so I could get a ‘front-row seat’ to the dying process in preparation for returning to Buffalo in 2012 to be my mom’s primary caregiver in her final months. Read More

Judi Venturini
MS.Ed; Certified Cancer Journey Coach

In July 2013, Rev. Judi Venturini was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon cancer. This was the beginning of a collapse of every area of her life. Like Job in the Old Testament, she virtually had a breakdown in health, wealth, and relationships. However, out of a hopeless experience, Judi’s spirit rose up. Read More

Judy ViaCava
Certified Cancer Journey Coach; BSW; LMT

Judy ViaCava began her Certified Cancer Journey Coach training shortly after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012. Already a certified life coach, and a massage therapist for over 20 years, Judy has shifted her career to specialize in assisting cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and members of the medical team, with a focus on body and mind healing. Read More

Jeff Ward
Certified Cancer Journey Coach; CPCC; Cancer survivor

I’m a regular dude who likes to play, laugh, and engage in life, while helping others move from surviving to thriving. I believe that cancer and other major illnesses can be a wakeup call to a more powerful, authentic, and adventurous life. Read More

Nina Weil
Certified Cancer Journey Coach; Certified Healing Touch Practitioner; Certified Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach

My years as a Healing Touch Practitioner, providing energy healing since 2004 with clients in the midst of cancer therapies and beyond (questioning what comes next, experiencing a sense of being in a void and not quite knowing how to re-enter their “normal” life), led me to seek out a coaching model where I would have more tools to assist my clients in their healing. Read More