The Movement

Our Mission

As Cancer Coaches, our mission is to help cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers feel powerful through their cancer experience.

Our Manifesto

Our belief is that the power to heal and reach beyond your cancer diagnosis is within you.  We believe that with the help of a Cancer Coach, you can align your being – your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies – to become more alive.

For each cancer individual who has ever said, “There has got to be a better way,” we have something valuable to share with them.  We believe that the key to traveling this journey with Grace, Deep Meaning, and Empowerment is within you.  A Cancer Coach will get you there. 

Our Movement

First, it’s all about connection

Cancer Coaches get to the heart of the matter, to our “heart connection” and the real stuff that comes when all the walls and masks are stripped away.  Getting to the essence of who you are and how you want to be in the world.  It is a connection that makes you say “Wow” I want more of that.  The kind of connection that makes you question the relationships you’ve had before with people, places, and possessions.   Cancer Coaches understand that great healing comes from this true place, “the heart place”.

The Movement

Second, you are not alone

We put substance into the phrase “No one will ever go through Cancer alone.” Cancer can be very lonely, even with a room full of supportive loved ones.  The Cancer Coaching Movement creates an environment where you are seen and heard, and where all the superficial stuff falls away. When we are truly seen and understood the loneliness evaporates because we are fully present and available to connect with those around us.

You don’t have to travel this journey alone.  You don’t have to warrior your way to healing, hoping no one will notice your pain.  This is about you.  You matter.

Our Coaches have personal experiences as cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.  They bring these experiences to their coaching to increase the quality of the encounter with their cancer clients.  Our clients know that our cancer coaches really get them.

Our signature program, Panic to Powerful™ provides a foundation of the Cancer Journey Roadmap and S.L.A.M.S. Techniques. And, our growing group of Panic to PowerfulCancer Coaches continually bring more insight, experiences, and wisdom from their personal cancer journeys and their time coaching other cancer individuals.

Third, we help cancer individuals find “their way”

It is often scary for us to venture “in” to figure out what our soul wants.  The distractions and noise of loved one’s well-meaning wishes and our medical team’s solid expertise overshadows and overtakes our shy and quiet yearning for ourselves.  We all want to be loved and yet we discount loving ourselves. Especially during a cancer journey, we need to love and listen within to find “Our Way.”

Cancer Coaches help you put yourself first.  This is not an act of selfishness or vanity, but rather about tapping into your source of inner self-expertise. The Cancer Coaching Movement focuses on you being the driver of your Cancer Journey based on what you are feeling, how you are feeling, what you want, and what you don’t want.  A Cancer Coach will help you find the solid and clear core place inside of you that just knows the truth.  This is our role.  This is our work…

…We are changing the way cancer folks are healing.

Aliveness, Passion, Fire.  These words are the belly cries of those who emerge from their Cancer Journey victorious.  Scars heal, pain subsides, and spirits soar.  The level of consciousness and active participation during their cancer journey has increased and the quality of the healing has risen.  They lean forward ready and anxious to re-engage with their life; an unbridled shout of YES!

We are raising the bar of what is possible.  We hope you will JOIN US!