Our Story

The Cancer Journey – Changing How Cancer Folks Heal Through Their Journey

The Cancer Journey is the first Cancer Coach Training Company in the United States. With its signature program, Panic to Powerful,™ The Cancer Journey provides both personal cancer coaching services, to the growing population of cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers, and cancer coach training for those who want to serve the cancer community. Our philosophy in whole-person healing focuses on the need to address healing of our interconnected physical, mental, and spiritual bodies by utilizing our proven Cancer Journey Roadmap and S.L.A.M.S. Technique Model.


The Cancer Journey began as An Unexpected Journey founded in 2007 by Shariann Tom, 5-time cancer survivor and early adopter in the coaching industry. Shariann Tom created An Unexpected Journey after her 4th bout with cancer and after creating a successful corporate coaching business, Innerworks Solutions. Her desire to answer the call of a missing element in her cancer treatment allowed her to incorporate her experiences as a cancer patient/survivor, personal/executive coach, and coach trainer into the ground-breaking Panic to Powerful™ programs.

Joined by Erin Petra and Keri Lehmann in 2012, An Unexpected Journey became The Cancer Journey and expanded the company to include Certified Cancer Coach Training and began the Cancer Coach Movement.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Cancer Journey expanded internationally with its first group of Certified Cancer Coach Trainees. With the Cancer Coaching Movement started and expanding through its Panic to Powerful™ (P2P) Certified Cancer Coaches, The Cancer Journey believes that more cancer individuals will find their cancer journey as a transformative period rather than a deadly diagnosis.