How We Work

Cancer Coaching is a powerful partnering between you and your Cancer Coach in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal potential during and after your Cancer Journey. Coaching is an on-going collaborative partnership built on deepening the learning and forwarding your action to a life that really matters to you.

The Cancer Journey works with cancer patients, survivors, support teams and caregivers.   We provide the type of support that is often not spoken of or overlooked when one is faced with cancer.  You will receive support for your whole being healing – mind, body, and spirit.

The Cancer Journey believes your greatest healing is within you.   Our Cancer Coaches go deeper than the physical support you are getting from your caregivers, support group, and/or medical support team.  Our Cancer Coaches offer you the opportunity to look deep within to find your answers.  And, in doing so, you will discover more about yourself and your cancer journey.

Our Coaches understand what it really takes to traverse the treatment phase and transition back into your life.  We’re not saying that it’s easy.  It’s not.  It’s a challenging road.  We’re offering a way to travel it with allies – ones you would never have expected or planned for.  And…

…we walk our talk!

We use our skills and methods every day for ourselves, our community, and our clients.  It’s “dual benefit” work – our clients grow, we grow.  Not only are we honing our skills, we are seeking new and innovative ways to strengthen our interactions.  We listen, think and explore new possibilities.  And, as we do this, our cancer community is seeing more alive, vibrant, and successful survivors.